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Garden signs

Tangled Garden and Labyrinth
Pond Structure - Tangled Garden, NS

Labyrinth, Tangled Garden, NS

When you visit us, make sure to stroll through the garden, take a few minutes to walk our wildflower labyrinth, or pause by the pond to reflect.

Tidy or tangled, the garden is open daily from 10am - 6pm from April to December.

Tangled Garden is a Classical Seven-circuit with paths of clover and walls of flowers, approximately 80 feet diameter.

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Please see the Finding Us page for location and directions, as well as: Canada's Garden Route and Garden Visit

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Flower of Life Pattern


Shop View - Tangled Garden, NS

Fall Garden

Garden Jars - Tangled Garden, NS

Shed Veranda - Tangled Garden, NS

Lily Pond - Tangled Garden, NS

Herb Boxes

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Herb Gardens


Labyrinth - Tangled Garden, NS

Hollyhocks - Tangled Garden, NS


Garden View - Tangled Garden, NS

Basket of Lavender

Morning Glory